Carrier Costs

May 18, 2020 in Order Management


Carrier Costs are used to calculate delivery charges in Sales Order Entry when the Delivery Calculator option is switched on.

Costs can be defined either by Area or Postcode, where an Area covers multiple postcodes and is therefore easier to maintain than a carrier cost for each Postcode.  Optionally you can update Carrier Costs using the Carrier Cost Upload function.

Data Input

Step 1 – Location

This is the Location deliveries are sent from i.e. your point of origin.

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Step 2 – Carrier

This is the Carrier the costs are being defined for. Carrier may represent your own delivery trucks or 3rd party (external) freight service company.

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Step 3 – Costs

Area or Postcode

Enter the area or postcode of the destination point i.e. where the goods are to be delivered too.


Enter the area name or postcode name of the destination.


Enter the value to charge the customer for deliveries to the area/postcode.


Enter the cost to your company for the delivery e.g. petrol, insurance, wages etc.
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