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May 18, 2020 in Order Management


This procedure is used to import Carrier delivery costs and charges.

Note: For additional details on creating upload files see the notes HERE.

Data Input

Step 1 – File Upload


Nominate the Location which is the point of origin of the deliveries i.e. where items are being sent from.


Nominate the Carrier the costs and charges are for.

Upload File

Select the spread sheet file you wish to upload, by clicking Browse. This assumes you have access to the file with the carrier costs/charges from the browser you are currently using.
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Step 2 – Review details

The cost/charge entries of the file selected are displayed so that you can review the data and confirm that you have selected the correct file before you continue.
Click Submit to submit all the details.
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Spread sheet format

The spread sheet must be in a csv format.

The first row of the spread sheet must be a heading row. It does not matter what the headings are, as long as they are meaningful to you e.g. you could have ‘Region’, ‘Area’ or ‘County’.

The columns required are:

Column Name Additional Details
A Cost Code This may be a postcode or area name depending on how costs are defined for the carrier.
B Cost Area Name Describes the cost area
C Carrier Charge The rate the customer is billed for freight delivery
D Carrier Cost The cost to you for freight delivery

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Once you click submit, the rows on the spread sheet are validated. If no invalid data is detected, the carrier cost entries are updated to the Carrier Cost file.

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