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This procedure is used to add or change the details of a Warehouse, or to delete a Warehouse when required.

Warehouse Structure DiagramWarehouses are used in conjunction with Stock Locations to define your warehouse setup and structure. Since multiple Stock Locations can be set up within each Warehouse, this provides an excellent reporting summary option when you need to consolidate Inventory figures i.e. Stock on Hand, Stock Value. Usage etc.

Refer to System Options for more on Warehouse Summary Detail and Warehouse Average Unit Cost options available.

Data Input


Step 1 – Warehouse Code

Warehouse Code

When adding a Warehouse, enter a new, unique ‘Warehouse Code’.  It can be up to five characters in length, and it must not already exist on the system. You may select an existing ‘Warehouse’ for editing and adjustment at any time when required.
For details on the use of “codes”, see The Role of “Codes” in Online Advantage
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Step 2 – Description


Enter the name of the warehouse. This is a mandatory field.
For more details on descriptions, see The Role of “Names & Descriptions” in Online Advantage

Warehouse Address

Enter the address of the warehouse.

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