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June 6, 2018 in Inventory Control


This function can be used to update the tracking details recorded in the system. This basically allows you to ‘transfer’ a serial number, batch number, or dual reference for all of the inventory and some or all of the historical transactions recorded in the system for the given tracking reference.

It is designed to allow the correction of a transaction, or transactions, post completion of those transactions. In other words if an incorrect serial, batch, or dual tracking reference has been recorded on a transaction (or on multiple transactions) then this can be adjusted so that the historical position on all reports and displays shows the correct details. That can be extremely useful when a mistake has occurred. For example, a raw material item that is being batch tracked might have had a receipt processed with the wrong batch number. That material might then have units from that batch sold to several different customers, and also other units used in the Manufacture of many different intermediate or finished products on a large number of Work Orders. The incorrect batch number would be recorded on all of the transactions associated with the usage of the material.

Changing a tracking reference with this tool is a quick way to correct a mistake. As such, this is a powerful tool and one that can be very useful, but note that it can also cause significant disruption if used inappropriately. For instance, if this function is used to change an incorrect reference, and the destination reference (the new one) is already in use, then from that point onwards the system will NOT be able to distinguish between all the transactions under the ‘new’ reference. From the system’s perspective they will all be for the same tracking reference as if that was how it was originally recorded.

Data Input

Step 1 – Tracking Reference – Serial/Batch Number

Tracking Reference – Serial/Batch/Dual Tracking  Number

Enter the existing tracking reference number that you wish to change on the system. The number entered here must have been recorded as a serial/batch or dual tracking reference on a transaction previously in order for you to change it to a new reference number. The ability to search and find existing tracking references recorded is provided.

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Step 2 – Details

New Tracking Reference – Serial/Batch/Dual Tracking Number

Enter the new reference number that is to replace the existing reference number recorded. You can enter upper or lower case alphabetic characters plus numbers for the new reference. You may not use an asterisk (“*”) character, the letters “TBA” in sequence, or start the reference number with a a hyphen/dash character (“-“). The reference number cannot be the same as the original reference.

Update Type

This function can operate in one of two ‘modes’ as per the selection available for the ‘Update Type’ prompt. The ‘All Transactions and Inventory’ option updates all the current inventory items using the nominated tracking reference number, as well as all historical transactions with that reference number.

If you choose the ‘Selected Transactions’ option, you are then presented with a list of all the historical transactions that have the nominated tracking reference number recorded. This list shows the transaction type, date, reference, stock location and the product name and quantity for each transaction. You then need to select the transactions that you want to update with the new tracking reference number. There is an ‘Update All’ button to allow you to select all transactions.

Note: If there are no transactions listed on screen for this option then there are no historical transactions in the system with the selected tracking reference number.
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