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June 11, 2018 in Inventory Control


This function is used to transfer ‘To Be Advised’ (TBA) Tracking details so that the correct reference number is recorded.

Online Advantage allows transactions to occur on the system without all the tracking details (Serial, Batch or Dual Reference numbers) being entered onto a transaction. This function allows the adjustment of those details at a later date so that the system has the correct reference number on the historical records.

When a transaction occurs on an Inventory product that is set for tracking and the system is not told the serial/batch/dual tracking reference information, it creates a ‘To be Advised’ or ‘TBA’ number with the details of that transaction recorded against it. TBA’s are allocated using a next sequential number mechanism.

All the TBA numbers recorded by the system against products/transactions appear on the ‘To Be Advised Tracking Details’ report. This report is a useful tool to see what items should have tracking details entered via this function once you have identified the correct serial/batch/dual tracking reference details. The report shows the product in question, the type of transaction, the date, the reference number for the transaction and the quantity of the movement.

NOTE: If Inventory Tracking of any description is to work properly on the system then any TBA’s that are generated must be adjusted as quickly as possible in order to maintain the validity of the tracking information recorded on the historical transactions. Typically the longer the delay in finding and recording the correct reference details the less likely it will be accurate.

Data Input

Step 1 – Serial/Batch No

To Be Advised Number

Enter an existing To be Advised (TBA) number for which you want to record the actual reference details. The TBA number is allocated during stock movements where serial/batch/dual tracking numbers are not entered or where the user has requested to enter the details at a later date.

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Step 2 – Details


The stock location where the originating transaction occurred is displayed for reference.


The product details of the originating transaction are displayed for reference.

TBA Quantity

The quantity of the original transaction is also displayed.  Next to the quantity details is the ‘tracking’ button. Clicking on the tracking button allows the user to enter the actual serial/batch/dual reference numbers that were moved via the transaction.
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