Using Branch Restrictions for Users

January 24, 2014 in Library

Online Advantage has an in-built facility to restrict User access to specific Branches in the system. This can be done on a user by user basis. By default, a user can see/edit all data within the functions that they are given access too. However in User maintenance (see related topic below) the System Administrator can disable access to selected branches that are already created in the system. This essentially locks the user into only being able to perform and see transactions on the branches they have been restricted to.

The User maintenance to set the restriction per user looks like this:

User Branch Restrictions


Setting a list of Branches a user is restricted to prevents the user from being able to access, edit, display and report on information for any of the other branches held in Online Advantage. This restriction function operates across all application modules of the system. Even when the user performs a search for data (e.g. Customers or Orders) only the search results that are within the list of branches they are restricted to is shown.

The same applies to all standard Online Advantage reports, no matter what the module. Reports are automatically “filtered” so that users cannot see or list the data relating to branches that they do not have access too.

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