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April 8, 2015 in Library,Reporting,System Manager

There are a variety of options in the system for scheduling reports or processes to run automatically. These are available from the Process Scheduler and the Report Launcher.

It should be noted that wherever a scheduled time is entered, the process will run according to the server time. Which is set to Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT – Sydney, Australia). The Server Time at the time of opening the scheduling page is shown to assist in the calculation of your required start time.

All the options below except for ‘Once’ will run on a recurring basis at the specified time until either re-scheduled or removed from the schedule.


Select the ‘Once’ option if you only want to run the function once at a particular date and time and not have it repeat again.

Select the Date you would like to run the function, and enter the time you would like to run the function.

Items scheduled to run “Once Only” are removed as soon as they are run, so will not be visible in the Process Scheduler once the run time has expired.


Select the Daily option if you would like to run the function on 1 or several days of the week at the same time e.g. Mondays and Fridays at 5:00 pm.

Tick the days you want the function to run, and the time to run it.

NOTE: Ticking 1 day is the same as using the Weekly option


Select the Weekly option if you would like to run the function on a particular day of the week. E.g. Friday at 4:00pm.

Choose the day of the week you want the function to run, and the time to run it.


Select the Monthly option if you would like to run the function once a month.

There are a couple of ways to choose which day of the month to run the function as follows:

  1. You can either select a particular day of the month e.g. 1st, 25th. Be careful selecting from 29th to 31st as obviously not all months include these days
  2. You can choose from a combination of particular days e.g. first Monday of the Month, last Friday etc.

Enter the time to run the function once you have selected the day.


The ability to set a task to run multiple times is part of the scheduling features. Great care should be taken in using this functionality as it could create unnecessary load on your system.

The frequency of the intervals can be specified in either minutes or hours. One minute is the minimum interval allowed. The task will then be scheduled to run and run again based on this setting.

Entering an “End Date” and “End Time” tells the scheduler when to stop running a given task. You can specify an ‘End Date’ only, an End Time’ only, or both settings. Leaving both blank creates a task that will be run every internal in perpetuity i.e. will never end.

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