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November 20, 2014 in Online Tools


This function can be used to upload data into an Online Advantage data table (file) from a csv format spread sheet. Before using this function a system administrator must have previously configured the upload parameters to match the required spread sheet data. It is a great way to make mass changes across many items in the system that would otherwise take a lot longer to do one by one.

Be very careful when using this tool. If it goes wrong, you may need to restore from back up. We recommend you have a back up available, and that uploads be done while users are off the system. Any data corruption problems that Online Advantage Support have to correct due to incorrectly uploaded information would probably require a charge on a Time and Material basis.

Data validation

If data being uploaded should exist on some other database file (e.g. if you are uploading a rep code to the customer file), then that data is validated. Simple numeric and date data validation is also performed. Otherwise the data from your file is taken as appropriate.

Data Input


Step 1 – Upload File

Upload File

There is a brief description showing the file to be updated shown.

Use the Browse button to find the csv file on your local device to upload.
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Step 2 – Verify file details


Each row in the spread sheet is shown as a row in the data grid. The right most column is a space for validation messages to appear. Click Submit to upload the data. If there are validation problems, the rows with problems are highlighted and the problem found is shown in the Messages column. You need to fix any problems on the spread sheet data file and go back to the first step to upload the data again and have the validation check the details.

If no validation problems are found in the data, the file is updated with the new data and the upload is complete.
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Spread sheet Format

The spread sheet should be in a csv format. The first row must be a heading row.

The first column must contain the key data of the file being updated, for example, if you are upload customer data, the first column must be the Customer Code.

Subsequent columns must correspond to the fields configured for the upload. See your System Administrator for details. There must not be more columns in the spread sheet then are configured on the menu. Any extra columns will be ignored.

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