Version 9.5.1153.1 Online Advantage

February 6, 2022 in Release 9.5

Sample image of Colours Report

Released 6th February 2022 : version 9.5.1153.1 Online Advantage

Colours – A new ‘Colours’ upload function has been added to the Inventory > Tools menu. The Colours report has also been improved as shown below:

AP transaction display – added branch and division to the ‘Account’ column data for improved drill down into General Ledger displays

Manufacturing Production Details reports – improved filtering with ‘from/to’ month range input

Work Order Entry – the Nett Quantity Available is now showning on the ‘material check’ display

Generic Upload – these are small configurable upload functions and we’ve made an improvement to show the expected columns on the screen to assist with identifying the format required for the CSV upload data file. Also enhanced the upload to allow special characters like TM

Upload Standard Prices – a new upload of standard prices has been added. This can be used to update prices immediately, without using the ‘future pricing’ utilities

Sales Order entry pricing – you can now enter a tax inclusive price when entering sales order items. This input was added to assist with price entry allowing both exclusive and inclusive amounts to be entered. There is also a slight format change to the totals shown – an excluding tax sub-total is now shown, with a separate tax total amount before the order total inclusive of tax

Paid Sales Orders – sales orders that are pre-paid are no longer put on credit hold if the customer’s account is overdue or over the credit limit. This also applies to orders entered via the e-Commerce portal

Startrack manifest shipment validation – improved api message checking when submitting a StarTrack manifest: if the validation fails, it now shows the invoice reference with the invalid information for context so it can be corrected via Adjust Consignment Notes

Adjust Consignment Note – has been changed so that you can now adjust delivery instructions, pack weights and pallet details relating to a given consignment

Print Labels & Consignment Notes – is now compatible with the ‘build’ method of entering consignment packs

Australia Post interface – more improvements added to our Australia Post api including:

  • new fields to Carrier details to store API credentials and required URLs
  • new ‘Get Accounts’ feature to retrieve available services for your Australia Post account
  • reprint ‘Order Summary’ generated when shipments are submitted to Australia Post
  • added delivery instructions to data passed via the api to Australia Post
  • extended input length of carrier prefix to 4 characters in Carrier details
  • a simple implementation of parcel tracking has been added

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