Back Order Release – No Stock Check

March 28, 2012 in Order Management,Release 9.3

A new function has been added to Pick Docket Processing that allows the generation of Picking Dockets from Back Orders on the system without checking if there is Stock Available as would normally be the case depending on the system setup options selected. The idea of this new routine is to allow users to generate paperwork in advance for back orders that would not normally be selected for picking. This might be because stock purchases haven’t been booked in yet, or Manufacturing production is yet to be recorded.

This new function allows the user to still filter the Back Orders to be released, with very specific filtering like Customer, Product Category, Group and Product. You can even nominate a value of Back Orders so that you don’t get small value picking dockets to despatch as part of the process. See the screen shot below of the new release function.


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