Generate Picking Docket enhancements

March 28, 2012 in Order Management,Release 9.3

The Generate Pick Dockets function used to select outstanding orders due for picking and produce the appropriate picking docket paperwork has been enhanced to include a number of new features as follows:

Suggested Transfers Report

This new report will make suggestions on Stock Transfer that should be performed between the Issuing Stock Location used in the Generate Pick Dockets routine, and any Replenishment Stock Location held against an Inventory item that has been selected for picking by this function and now finds itself in need of replenishment. The report is simply a manual tool that suggests a transfer be made. Therefore it is completely optional and at the users discretion as to whether they perform the stock transfers suggested and put through a manual transfer in Online. Below is a sample of this new report.


Credit Stopped Orders Released Report

CreditStoppedOrdersReleasedReportWhen the system runs a Pick Docket Generation, it also looks at Sales Orders that have been automatically marked as credit stop, and then checks the Customers details to see if any recent payments or changes to their account status, balance and terms would allow a change in the credit status of the order. Thus orders can be automatically released from credit stop by this function and a picking docket produced as a consequence. For this reason the system now generates this report of all Orders that have had a credit stop released.

Back Orders That May Have Credit Problems Report

BackOrdersWithCreditProblemsBecause the generation of Pick Dockets can mean that Back Orders are added to existing Orders being processed, or that Back Orders are released by making new consolidated orders from one or more Customer Back Orders, there could be situations where the cumulative value of the Back Orders being released might mean a Customer credit position could come into question. For this reason we have added the new Back Orders That May Have Credit Problems Report as shown here. It is just another way we’re keeping users informed of the decisions the system is making.

Orders Not Released Report

This new report will list outstanding sales or transfer orders that matched the filter criteria and so the system attempted to release but did not as part of the run.

More Detailed Messages

The Pick Docket generation routine has been reviewed and changes have been made to improve the messages and the “reasons” shown to the users during its use. There are many reason why orders are not selected for release so we have expanded the handling of these reasons to give more accurate and direct feedback to the user. Here are some examples of the reasons now communicated by the function:

  • Order is flagged for “Full” delivery but not all stock is available
  • Order is On-Pick already
  • Stock Location does not match the Issuing Location provided
  • There were no orders to release

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