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April 4, 2012 in Purchasing,Release 9.3

The following changes were made in this release to the Purchasing module to assist with the processing of Orders and Shipments through the system. They are as follows:

Buyer Purchase Limits and Order Release Controls

We have made enhancements to the Purchasing module to include purchase limits per Buyer with controls for the release of Orders based on authority levels within Online. To start with, the Buyer setup function now has two new prompts specifically related to purchase control. Specifically a “Purchase Limit per Order” can be set so that buyers cannot place an order over a certain value. Secondly the “Authorisation Method” can be set from one of the selections as seen on the screen sample below.


As part of this Order limit, or “Open to Order” facility, the Purchase Order Entry function will now prevent a user from printing a Purchase Order that exceeds a Buyers limit. The form will display a message similar to the one below when this occurs and remove the ability for the user to print the Order.



PurchaseOrderExceedingLimitFour new reports have also been added to the system to allow users to see what Orders are exceeding purchase limits and to list the Orders out by either Order Number, Buyer, Supplier and Location. See the following sample report for more details.


As part of this control, there is a new “Purchase Order Release” function that has been added to the Processing section of the Purchasing module. This would be a screen that only certain selected users are able to access, users who have the authority to release purchase orders over the buyers limit. The user who is releasing the Purchase Order also has the ability to Print the Order from this new facility if required. This new function can be seen below.


Purchase Order Entry – Item Copy

The ability to “copy” a line item on a Purchase Order to a new line item has been included as part of the standard Purchase Order Entry facilities. This option is particularly useful when ordering “Sundry” items that have a significant amount of text entered and/or posting details input on the item. The copy allows users to base another line item on the original, but change things like the quantity, unit of measure and description. See highlighted screen sample of the new functions and the icon that makes this possible.


Purchase Order Entry – Item Insert

POE-LineItemInsertWe have also introduced an insert function for line item entry that means users can add new line items to an order at any point on the existing list. The system defaults to adding to the end but it you need to insert a line item at the start, or any row on the list you can by simply changing the insert row number highlighted in the sample here.

Shipment Variance Take-up

This function has been improved by a change to default the posting amount on a shipment variance to the actual variance left on the shipment at the time of take-up. The function will now calculate any remaining Accrual Variance value and default that on the GL account posting dissection.

Supplier Prices – Tax Inclusive Prices

The Supplier Prices entry and maintenance function has been improved to allow users to work in either Price Inclusive or Price Exclusive when entering and adjust the buy price from a given supplier. The new style of entry allows the user to switch the input depending on what pricing the supplier has provided them without the need to re-calculate the tax and “other” price as the system will look after that based on the input provided. See sample below of the new input form.


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