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July 15, 2015 in Order Management


This procedure is used to create and maintain details of participating EDI Partners. If you wish to process Online Advantage orders via the EDI interface, then partner details must be entered using this procedure first. This enables Online to interpret the details send in an EDI message so that the data received can be converted into Online Advantage orders.

Data Input

Step 1 – Partner Code

Partner Code

An existing Partner can be selected for editing from here, or a new EDI Partner can be created by entering an EDI Partner Code that does not already exist on the system. Enter the EDI Partner Code you wish to work on. The partner code is then utilised by the EDI order creation process for retrieval and assessment of the partners details.

The partner code should come from the EDI system you and your partner/customer are using so DO NOT invent a new code here. Simply lookup the partner code that they are already sending EDI messages with and use that. If Online does not have a direct relationship between the Partner Code on an incoming EDI message/order and a Customer in Online it will not be able to convert the details into an Order for processing.

For details on the use of “codes”, see The Role of “Codes” in Online Advantage
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Step 2 – Partner Details


Enter the EDI Partner name.

For more details on descriptions, see The Role of “Names & Descriptions” in Online Advantage

Default Customer Code

Enter a default customer number. Note that this customer number will be used in the event that the customer number extracted from the EDI data cannot be linked with an Online Advantage customer. A head office customer number can be used here if required. However note that the same customer number cannot be used for more than one partner. In other words, the relationship between Partner Code and Customer Code must be unique.

Default Location

Select the Online stock location to identify the “warehouse” from which the products for this partner are to be supplied. Note that this location will be used in the event that a location extracted from the ‘raw’ EDI data cannot be linked with an Online Advantage Location code.

Acceptable Order Type

Enter an order type if you want this partner to only accept one type of order. Order types are not verified and can be any two character combination of alpha & numeric characters.

Tax Inclusive

Select whether the order prices on the incoming EDI message/order are tax inclusive or not.
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Step 3 – Location Details

Partners Location

Enter the partner’s Location identifier. The location id extracted from the ‘raw’ EDI data will be matched against this field. A multi-site customer can have several “partner locations”, one per branch/shop/warehouse/outlet. The use of these “Partner Locations” allows you to map each individual customer operation to your internal customer structure in Online.


Enter the Online Advantage customer number you wish to link to this partner location id.


Enter the Online Advantage Location Code you wish to link to this partner location id. This allows you to override the Stock Location used to despatch the goods to your requirements on an individual customer by customer basis.

Upon input of location details, Add the details to the list.
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Step 4 – Product Details

Often the identifier you use internally for a product is not what your customers (or Suppliers) use. When this is the case the creation of a cross reference list is required so you can input a “map” of the product codes. Below is the input details required so you can record what your partner/customer uses as a product code, and product description, and the relevant product code used in your Online Advantage system.

Partner’s Product

Enter a partner’s product identifier here. This field is only required if the partner has a different product code to that being used in Online Advantage. Any product identifier extracted from the ‘raw’ EDI data will be used to look up a link to an Online Advantage product code here.

Partner’s Product Name

Enter the Partner’s product description here. It is only required if the partner’s product description is different from the Online Advantage description and you need to show your partner/customer their description. If a product description is supplied within the ‘raw’ EDI data, then if a partner’s product code is found the product description will be automatically updated/recorded in this list from the extracted data so that Online will learn the details from EDI messages/orders that are processed in the system.


Select corresponding Online Advantage product that the partner’s product is relates to. This is your Product code so you can match and despatch the correct item they have ordered.

Upon input of product details, Add the details to the list.
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