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October 18, 2015 in Order Management

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Step 1 - Back Order Deletion


This procedure is designed to allow a user to quickly delete all Back Orders recorded in the system for a nominated Product within a specified stock location.

Using this function a user can do a mass delete, or selective mass delete, of all Back Orders for a specified Inventory item (a Product within a Stock Location).

Data Input

Step 1 – Back Order Deletion

Enter location and product to select Back Orders for. All recorded Back Orders will be displayed. Select the items to be deleted. The ability to “tick” the items being deleted from the list shown has been implemented so the user has a visual on what items are selected for deletion.

Optionally, choose a reason for the Back Order deletion. The Back Order “Reason” recording is then used in the Online reports that show details of the Back Orders deleted and why for historical reporting and analysis.

Issue Location

Enter the Issuing Location code for which the Product Back Order deletions are to be made.


Enter the Product Code of the product you wish to deletion Back Orders for.

Reason for Deletion

Optionally, select a reason for the Back Order deletion. If a back order deletion code is recorded then all history displays and reports will show the reason for the deletion. For details on “back order deletion codes”, see Back Order Deletion Codes

Total Value of Back Orders to be deleted

Displays the total value of back orders selected for deletion so you can see the value of the orders that are being deleted from the system.
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