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July 25, 2019 in Inventory Control


This function is used to ‘Freeze Stock’ on an existing Stock Take Run. The ‘”freeze” process records the current Inventory ‘Stock On-Hand Quantity’ as the ‘Freeze Quantity’ of each item on the stock take run.

Stock should be frozen for a run before count quantities are entered unless you have control of what warehouse receiving and picking is occurring. You can freeze stock during the Initiate Stock Take process, but this separate freeze function is provided for the situation where Stock was not Frozen during the Initiate Stock Take Process. One reason a run would be frozen later is to allow the tally sheets/tickets to be printed in advance of starting the count.

Having a separate ‘freeze’ function allows you to pick the point in time where the physical inventory you count and the perpetual inventory on the system should be in sync. After setting the “freeze quantity” on the stock take run you can continue to process transactions as you want, including invoicing and other stock transactions. As long as you take account for any transactions that occur after the freeze when doing your physical count.

When a run is “frozen” the stock on hand for each item on the stock take is recorded in a separate ‘Freeze Quantity’ area to be used later for comparison to the ‘Count Quantity’ and variance calculation/reporting. Variances and stock take adjustments are obtained by comparing the stock counted with the freeze quantity figure. For example: Freeze Quantity (stock on hand at a point in time): 500 Count Quantity: 450 Stock Loss: 50. This allows you to continue with normal processing (Invoicing, Receipts etc) of “after stocktake” entries, once the stock has been counted even though all the stocktake figures may not have been entered and the stock take run finalised.

Note that any ‘In-Store’ quantity is excluded from the ‘Freeze Quantity’ so these should be dealt with prior to a stock take ‘freeze’ or handled separately.

Data Input


Step 1 – Stock Take Run No

Stock Take Number

Enter a valid stock take number. Note that this stock take run must not have already been frozen and must not be a run that has already been finalised.
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Step 2 – Freeze Stock Take

Displays the stock take number and any status/warning messages.

Freeze Stock Take

Select whether you wish to freeze the stock take or not. If you choose to freeze the run at this point, after submitting your choice, you are given options to print either Tally Sheets or Tickets for the run.
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