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October 14, 2015 in System Manager


This routine is designed to allow global updating of user access for a specific procedure/function for one or more users as required. This process compliments the “Additional Procedures Allowed” and “Procedures Barred” options in the User Details function. Rather than updating the access to a given system procedure by changing each individual users settings, you can use this function to update all or selected users in one quick process as below.

Data Input


Step 1 – Options

Procedure Code

Enter the procedure code that you wish to set “Allow” access to. Simply search using the procedure name if you’re unsure of the procedure code.
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Step 2 – Filters

Use the filter criteria to specify which users should be selected to update access for. Note that “Branch” and “User Classification” are available as filters so you can easily select the group of users to assign access to this procedure. If you leave the filters blank then all users will be selected for update.
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Step 3 – Selected Items

All the users matching the filter criteria are presented in a list along with their current access level to the specific procedure you nominated. You can choose to omit users from the list if they should not have access to the procedure. Once you have decided which people are to get access you can simply click Submit to update the procedure access for the selected users.

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