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July 24, 2016 in Order Management


This function is used to record the receipt of stock as a result of an internal Stock Transfer Order. The order being received must have already been recorded as “despatched” from the issuing stock location in order to be available for receipt using this function. In other words, the Transfer Order must be ‘in-transit’ between the issuing stock location and the receipting stock location.

Note that you can by-pass using this function by selecting the ‘Direct Delivery’ option when despatch a Stock Transfer Order. Transfer Orders flagged for ‘Direct Delivery’ are automatically receipted into the receiving location at the time of despatch. Received Transfer Orders will appear as Stock On Hand in the destination location and so be available for picking and delivery.

Data Input


Step 1 – Order Number

Order Number

Enter the in-transit ‘Order Number’ you wish to receive into stock. An in-transit order is a transfer order which has been despatched and had a Transfer Invoice generated for it. When you enter a valid in-transit ‘Order Number’, the details of the order are displayed for verification.
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Step 2 – Details

The details of each ‘in-transit’ item on the order are displayed showing each individual stock product that was despatched from the issuing stock location in the form of a list.

Using this function you can selectively ‘tick’ the stock items that have been received. Alternatively you can use the ‘Receive All’ button as a short cut to ticking all items. Also you can use the ‘Clear All’ button to de-select all ticked items.

Where Bin Tracking or Serial/Batch/Dual Reference Tracking is required for a line item, you will need to edit the item to enter the bin or tracking reference details. Refer here for more details on entering tracking information.
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