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Below is a description of the prompts that form the ‘Delivery Details’ section for an Order:

Delivery Area

Adjust the orders nominated ‘Delivery Area’ at this prompt. The Delivery Area defaults from Customer Details for Sales Orders or from the Issuing Location for Transfer Orders. You may override the default on an order by order basis as required. The Delivery Area can be used as a way of “batching” orders for picking/packing when generating picking dockets because it is one of the selection filters available. This can help give focus on the orders to process now, and just as importantly, allow you to not spend time focusing on picking/packing orders that can actually be left till later. For instance, if you only deliver to a given delivery area(s) twice a week, then you can exclude those orders for processing on the days where they are not going to be delivered.

Direct Delivery

The ‘Direct Delivery’ option is only applicable to Stock Transfer orders. Choose ‘Yes’ if you would like the stock despatched on an order to automatically be receipted into the receiving location when the transfer order is invoiced. Choose ‘No’ if you want the users at the destination location to have to enter the receipt of the stock transfer as a separate transaction via the ‘Stock Transfer Receipts‘ function. Note that ‘Direct Delivery’ is not available on receiving locations that are set to use multi-bin tracking. For transfer orders generated via the replenishment system, the direct delivery option is defaulted from the Receiving Location details.

Drop Shipping

Select this option if you want this order to be ‘Drop Ship’. Drop Shipping essentially allows your customer to order goods & services which you deliver directly to their customers premises or to a sub-contract office of their choosing. This saves them re-delivering the order themselves. If selected, some additional inputs become available as follows:

  • Drop Ship Order Number
  • Drop Ship Contact Name
  • Drop Ship Contact No

The ‘Drop Ship’ option defaults from the Customer Details. Note that the drop ship details entered above are printed on the Delivery Docket and Invoice paperwork so assist with the delivery. It is assumed that the Delivery Address would be varied from the normal customer delivery address by the client at the time of order entry.

Alternate Delivery Address

If the customer is set up with multiple delivery addresses recorded in the system then you may select the required delivery address from those available at this prompt. The delivery address normally defaults from the primary delivery address recorded on the Customer Details.

Delivery Instructions

Enter any ‘Delivery Instructions’ specific to your order. Delivery instructions come from the Customer Details for Sales Orders or from the Issuing Location for Transfer Orders. You may override the default on an order by order basis as required. Delivery instructions appear on Consignment Notes, Picking Dockets, Despatch Dockets, Invoices, Point of Sale Dockets and Driver’s Run sheets. Stock transfer orders generated via the replenishment system have their delivery instructions defaulted from the Receiving Location details.

Delivery Requirement

This is a brief instruction that appears on despatch paperwork (delivery labels, con note, manifest) as required and can also be transmitted to the carrier if an EDI interface is in place. The Delivery Requirement is used to inform the carrier if a signature is required on delivery or if the delivery can be left in a safe place at the delivery address.

The selection made for an order at this prompt overrides the setting on the Customer or Carrier.

Choose Carrier’s Mandate if you want no override for the order.

Order Notes

You can optionally enter ‘text’ notes about the order as required. These notes only appear in the order entry screens i.e. Picking Adjustment, Manual Despatch, Part Despatch, Credit Notes and Back Order Maintenance. They do not appear on any paperwork as they are designed to be for internal use only.

Delivery Option – Pick Up

If the customer would like to pick up the goods rather than have them delivered, you can select this option to have the words ‘Pick Up’ appear as the delivery address. This then appears on the paperwork so the warehouse picker can put the order in the appropriate place for collection. If the customer regularly chooses to pick up their orders, you can set the option to default to Pick Up via the Customer Details function.

Note: when the Pick Up option is chosen, the Delivery Address entry is disabled. If you have a customer who usually picks up their order, but wants to have a particularly bulky order delivered, un-tick the delivery option and the Delivery Address is then enabled for input.

Delivery Address

Enter or edit the ‘Delivery Address’ for the order as required. Delivery address defaults from the Customer Details for Sales Orders or from the Issuing Location for Transfer Orders. You may override the default on an order by order basis as required. You may also override the default delivery address by selecting an ‘Alternate Delivery Address’ as above, assuming the customer has multiple delivery addresses recorded against it, or by simply typing in a different address.

Note that if the delivery address entered is likely to be used again by your customer, you may optionally add the address to the customer’s delivery address list for future re-use using the ‘Alternate Delivery Address’ list.

Packing Notes

Enter any ‘Packing Instructions’ you wish to provide the warehouse staff via the Picking Docket/Packing Slip. They are designed to be for ‘internal’ communication only so they do not appear on any of the ‘external’ paperwork like despatch dockets/invoices.

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