Adjust Picking Docket Quantities

May 4, 2016 in Order Management


This procedure can be used to ‘Adjust Picking Docket Quantities’ after the physical picking of the items on an order has been completed, assuming adjustments to the delivery quantities of the picking dockets are required. It is an alternative to the Adjust Picking Dockets function. It has the additional benefit of allowing the user to record who picked/packed an order.

This function is designed as a “warehouse” tool for users who do the actual picking/packing or their admin support staff. It does not allow users to change prices, add or delete order lines e.g. products, or change the other Order or Delivery details. This makes it very useful when you want to exercise tighter control over who has access to changing order details prior to despatch.

NOTE: Before you can access an order via this function, the order must have no credit issues and it must have been progressed to the picking stage in the system via one of the methods available for generating Picking Dockets.


Data Input


Step 1 – Order Number

Order Number

Enter the Order Number of the picking docket you want to adjust quantities for. The order can be a Customer Sales Order or a Stock Transfer Order. Only orders that have a status of ‘on picking’ are available for selection i.e. orders that have had a picking docket generated. Upon selecting the Order Number, the details of the Customer/Receiving Stock Location and Issuing Location are displayed for visual verification.

NOTE:  You may not access orders that are at the Order Entry ‘Committed’ status, or orders that have been created/adjusted via Part Despatch Specified Orders or Manual Despatch functions.
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Step 2 – Details

Picked/ Packed By

Enter the name or initials of the picker/packer who completed the physical picking/packing or the order. These details are recorded on the orders activity details for future reference if required.

Delivery Address

The delivery address of the order is displayed for visual verification.
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Step 3 – Order Lines

Each product on the order is displayed in a list. Select the order line item you wish to adjust. The ‘Adjusted?’ column highlights which products have already been adjusted since starting the adjustments on this order so the user can determine where they are up to in their changes. Upon selecting the order line to adjust, the full details of that item are displayed.

NOTE: Any text only line items, add-on product items, and any service products items will not appear on this list as they have no pick/deliver quantity as such.


The product details for the line item being adjusted are displayed. The product may not be changed within this function.

Order Quantity

The ‘Order Quantity’ is displayed. This is the original requested quantity required for the order item. The quantity ordered may not be changed here.

Delivery Quantity

The ‘Delivery Quantity’ defaults from the amount available in stock when the Picking Docket was produced. The user can adjust the delivery quantity as required at this prompt.

For products with tracking switched on, or where a stock location is setup to use multi-bin tracking, additional details may need to be entered i.e. serial numbers, batch numbers, dual reference tracking numbers or bins details may be a mandatory input at this point. Click here for full details on entering quantities in Online.

Back Order Quantity

The back order quantity is calculated automatically by the system once any adjustment is made. The system uses the original order quantity less the delivery quantity to calculate the back order quantity of an item. The back order quantity may not be manually adjusted using this function.
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