Stock Transfer by Selection

July 6, 2020 in Inventory Control


This procedure is used to create a Manual Stock Transfer transaction between two Stock Locations by selecting the products to transfer using selection filters.  It is designed to work on a large number of inventory items and is more efficient when compared to manually entering each product to be transferred.

This function is particularly useful when a new Location has been created because of a change in Branch and you need to move everything from an existing warehouse.

Once the stock transfer is complete, a report of items transferred is generated.

Data Input


Enter a reference for the transaction.

Issue From Location

Enter the Location where stock is being moved from.

Receipt To Location

Enter the Location where stock is being moved to.


Enter any filters required to target the Products you want to move.

Selected Items

Once you have defined your filters, the Products found in the From Location matching the entered criteria, that do not have zero quantity on hand are selected and displayed in a list.

You may view the list and omit any Products that you do not wish to include in the transfer.

Once you submit the list of Products, a stock transfer transaction is created and the stock is moved (transferred) to the receiving location.

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