8.1 Summary of New Browser Functions & Reports

November 1, 2011 in Release 8.1

Below is a set of detailed lists of all the functions that have been redeveloped in the new Browser Based graphical format or re-worked into the new Wizard User Interface including reports that have been re-implemented using our new Reporting tools.

Description Module
Account Payable Invoice Accounts Payable
AP Cancel Cheques form Accounts Payable
Bank Transfer Enquiry Accounts Payable
Cancel Payment Run Accounts Payable
Credit/returns form Accounts Payable
Foreign Payments form Accounts Payable
P351 – Maintain Export Bank transfers Accounts Payable
P358A – Bank Transfer Report Accounts Payable
P361 – Create a Payment Run form Accounts Payable
P362 – Adjust Payments form Accounts Payable
P362A – Print Adjusted Payments Accounts Payable
P363 – Print Cheques Accounts Payable
P364 – Apply Cheque Numbers Accounts Payable
P365 – Payment run voided cheques form Accounts Payable
P366 – Adjust Cheques Accounts Payable
P367 – Print Payment Listing Accounts Payable
P367A – Print copy of remittances Accounts Payable
P368 – Finalise Payment Run Accounts Payable
P369B – Cheque Run Status reports Accounts Payable
Bad Debt Details form Accounts Receivable
Overdue Debtors Display Accounts Receivable
Asset Location form Asset Ledger
General Journal Grid Entry General Ledger
Clear Last Year GL History General Ledger
Calendar Details Forecasting
Capacity Setup Forecasting
Forecast Plans Forecasting
Print Recount report Inventory
Product “Setup” Definition forms Inventory
Serial & Batch Number form Inventory
Stock Value Adjustment Inventory
Transfer TBA Serial & Batch Numbers Inventory
“Adjust Batch Sizes” form Manufacturing
“Clear What-if Details” & “Global What-if Update” forms Manufacturing
“Work Order Completion Dates” form Manufacturing
“Work Stages” form Manufacturing
Labour Setup Manufacturing
Other Charges setup Manufacturing
Adjust Order Credit Status” form Order Management
Back Order Adjustment form Order Management
Order Management “Back Order Deletion” form. Order Management
Receive Transfer Order’ form Order Management
Purchasing “Cancel Shipments” form Purchasing
“Online Tools” Contacts Definition setup forms Tools
Contacts form Tools
Contacts form into Wizard format Tools
Contract Prices form Tools
Table Maintenance Tools

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