8.1 Minor Enhancements Summary

November 1, 2011 in Release 8.1

This release includes a number of minor changes to the application designed to improve the speed, reliability or ease of use of the system. A summary of these changes is included below:

  • Added the facility to allocate cash into Credit Notes form
  • Added in additional filters to Invoice & Credit Note Reprint
  • Added a Disabled User Flag to User Details – prevents login
  • Added the drop-down “Displays” menu onto Main Menu
  • Included a “Password change” reminder to the Main Menu
  • Add the “Esc” key go back a level on the Main Menu navigation when pressed
  • Default Order Class logic was added for sales orders for EDI, B2B, B2C and other.
  • Added “Page Up” & “Page Down” for keyboard paging in the Search Results facility
  • Adjusted colours on the reconciliation list in Manual Bank Rec form for easier viewing
  • Added Customer Delivery Address to first screen in Sales Order Entry
  • Added Stock Reasons into terminal emulation edition
  • Adjust the format of Totals and Tax on Order Dockets like Invoices so they are easier to read
  • Implement Branch restricted reporting throughout the system in the browser version
  • Added a Hide/show button for the left panel on all Wizard input forms
  • Included a System wide flag to turn audit logging on/off
  • Invalidate underscore character in User maintenance
  • Add a Delete button confirmation in Sales Order Entry
  • Move Order Entry flags together in User Setup
  • Adjust Tax Inclusive pricing flag wording on User Setup
  • Adjust Minimum Quantity for selling into Stock units
  • Green Arrow drill down – now auto-executes when only one item
  • Order Entry “Warning” messages are now displays as you go for quicker navigation
  • Added in Purchasing Returned Goods Docket & Shipping Advise Docket
  • Reworked the Detailed General Ledger Report for performance improvements
  • Added a Warning in Selection Processing for when more than 100 items selected
  • Extended length of tender type code on Bank Deposit Details report
  • Rewrite Statement & Invoice routines using object relationship – reduce data size
  • Added B-tree Index creation to software tables tool for quicker file searching
  • Added a audit of back-end database activity in the form of a Log of requests and added Menu Function procedure to the log
  • Improve locking in PZ.1F and PZ.1E system setup processes

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