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September 2, 2015 in Sales Analysis


This routine offers a comprehensive selection of reporting tools that permit a user to produce sales analysis reports specific to their requirements from previously created Standard Sales templates. These reports are capable of extracting sales information across a twenty four (24) month summarised monthly sales period and presenting them in the form of Sales Value, Cost of Sales, Sales Quantities, Gross Margin Contribution and Margin/Mark-up.

Data Input


Step 1 – Schedule Options


By default the “Now” option is selected so that User Reports will run straight away to the destination of choice by the user. However there is an option to schedule the report to run later at a specific time and date as entered by the user.
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Step 2 – Fixed Filters

As with most reporting in Online Advantage, the ability to ‘filter’ report data so that you only receive the information you want on a given report is available with these User Reports. Filters are completely optional, but they do allow you to target the specific information you require. Note that the filters entered here will apply to any/all reports you select to run in later steps. The following data elements can be used for filters on these User Reports:

  • Buying Group
  • Customer Branch
  • Customer Category
  • Customer Division
  • Customer
  • Head Office Customer/Account
  • Issuing Branch
  • Market Segment (Current On Customer)
  • Market Segment (On Transaction)
  • Sales Rep (Current On Customer)
  • Sales Rep (On Transaction)
  • Product Division
  • Product Category
  • Product Group
  • Product Class
  • Product Material
  • Product Section
  • Product Type
  • Model
  • Product

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Step 3 – Selected items

The full list of available Standard Sales report templates are displayed in the list at this point. You can select one or more reports from the list to be generated. Where appropriate, the system will require you to nominate the sales month to be used for the information reported. This is a mandatory prompt for any “Month to Date” (MTD) or “Year To Date” (YTD) style report. Reports that show either current or last year sales in a month by month format do not require this.

Once a Standard Sales report template has been created, actually running the reports couldn’t be easier. It’s just a case of “ticking” the reports you require from the list of all the standard reports, and then clicking “Submit” to generate your reports. Of course, as with all the systems reports, the standard Report Launcher function it run for each report selected above so you can utilise all the standard report output options available.

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