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September 6, 2015 in General Ledger,Release 9.4

The ability to report and analyse General Ledger (GL) figures is a crucial part of Online Advantage. Over the years we have found that no matter how many standard GL reports we include with the system, there will always be a user who wants something different in some way. To this end, we have developed the User GL Report writer that allows users to quickly and easily write their own reports and save them as templates in the system.

In the system we hold general ledger analysis data for the following “elements”:

GL Structure

GL Category Structure

With the new User GL Reporting tool, you can pull the data from the financial database and show information consolidating on the elements above.These elements can also be used as filters when running reports to allow users to input criteria for their reporting queries, or as criteria on individual columns on the report. There are two main elements to this reporting tool as summarised below:

Running User GL Reports

Creating User GL Reports

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