9.2 Release Summary

February 13, 2012 in Release 9.2

The 9.2 Release of Online Advantage is a minor release compared to the previous two versions. This was intentional. We specifically wanted to put out a release made up of a smaller enhancement list over a shorter development cycle because we wanted to track the individual tasks and activities in more detail than normal. Never the less there is still some significant and worthwhile features in this release to read about, just less than we normally have in a major release like 9.1.

Below is a summary list of the highlights of the 9.2 Release:

Apart from some of the highlighted functions that are documented in detail, this release also included another batch of functions that have been transitioned from the terminal emulation version to the browser based version of Online. Most of these functions were in the form of Master File Utilities that allow the user to perform “transfers” from old to new codes, moving history and/or outstanding transactions to the new code as part of the process. The complete list of new Forms and Reports that have been implemented in this version can be seen HERE.

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