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June 27, 2018 in Inventory Control


This function is used to clear all the new/future prices from the ‘New Price List’ work space in the Future Pricing system. This routine could be used if you need to scrap any previous ‘New Price List’ work and want to start fresh with no future pricing.

You might also use this function if you have Future Prices set to be applied on a particular date, but it has been decided that you no longer wish for those prices to be applied. Please use this function carefully as there is no simple reversal to get the future pricing data back once it has been run.

Data Input


Step 1 – Mandatory Filters

Price List

You must specify which Price List you want to clear new/future prices for.
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Step 2 – Filters

Do not enter any filters if you want to clear ALL future prices from the specified price list. If you want to only clear some future prices for the specified price list, then define the filter criteria here so that only selected pricing items are chosen.
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Step 3 – Selected Items

The items selected based on your filter criteria are displayed in a list for you to verify and refine as required. See View and Omit Selection for further details on how to change the list of selected items.
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