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June 17, 2018 in Inventory Control

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Step 1 - Transfer Details


This tool is used to change the Price List of a Stock Location to a new price list.

Making such a change essentially moves the location selected to a new set of costs and prices by changing the price list it uses for all costs and sell prices. This change is set up as a special function because changing the price list a stock location is assigned to can affect the valuation of inventory items due to changes in the standard cost held as part of the new pricing.

Any items held on the inventory ledger that are using ‘Standard Cost’ for Stock Costing on the target price list are re-valued via a ‘Stock Value Maintenance’ transaction if their standard cost changes as part of the price list change. This stock value update occurs as soon as the user takes the ‘submit’ option for the new location price list i.e. the update is immediate – it is not part of any End of Day or overnight process. For this reason it is important that you understand the ramifications of the price list changes you make with this tool before submitting them as there is no ‘automatic’ system function to reverse the transactions and stock values once they are created.

Data Input


Step 1 – Transfer Details


Enter the stock location that requires a new price list setting.

Price List

The current price list of the stock location is displayed as visual confirmation you have selected the correct location.


Select the ‘New’ Price List you wish to use as the source for the pricing details for the selected stock location.
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