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June 30, 2015 in Inventory Control


This procedure is used to upload and update Prices from a file created outside of the system. This is an alternative way of adjusting selling prices to the standard system functions for changing and editing items. Using this method a “spread-sheet” style tool can be used to adjust a list of products you want to set a new selling price with the ease of formulae and quick data entry before the list is ready for upload.

The new prices are uploaded to the systems “New Prices” area so that they can be checked before being applied to the “Current” system pricing. the “New” pricing can be applied manually at any time, or automatically by the system as part of overnight EOD processing when the “Apply Date” is reached.

Note: The “New Prices” uploaded are assumed to be the “Sales Units” so be sure to check the “Unit of Measure” you are using when taking data from a report or from a list of products from OA or from an external data file. For additional details on creating upload files see the note HERE.

Data Input

Step 1 – File Upload

Upload File

Select the spread sheet file you wish to upload, by clicking Browse. This assumes you have access to the file with the new sell prices from the browser you are currently using.
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Step 2 – Review details

The price details of the file selected will be displayed so that you can review the data and confirm that the correct file has been uploaded before you continue.
Click Submit to submit all the details.
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Spread sheet format

The spread sheet must be in a csv format.

The first row of the spread sheet must be a heading row – it does not matter what the headings are, as long as they are meaningful to you e.g. you could have ‘Product’, ‘Product Code’ or ‘SKU’.

Columns for all 5 price levels must be present – even if you are not using 5 price levels.

The columns required are:

Column Name Additional Details
A Price List Code If you are using the ‘Default’ price list, then this column can be left empty, or can contain the word ‘Default’
B Product Code Must be a valid product on the Product Master file
C Size Code Must be a valid size on the Sizes Master file.
Must be a valid size against the product.
If the product has no sizes, leave blank.
Enter a * to update all sizes for the product with the same price.
D Price Level 1 Price can be to 4 decimal places.
E Price Level 2 Price can be to 4 decimal places.
F Price Level 3 Price can be to 4 decimal places.
G Price Level 4 Price can be to 4 decimal places.
H Price Level 5 Price can be to 4 decimal places.
I Quantity Quantity is to 2 decimal places and is in the selling unit
J Apply Date dd/mm/yy format. Is mandatory and must be after the upload date.

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Once you click submit, the rows on the spread sheet are validated. If no invalid data is detected, the Prices Master file is updated with the new prices.

If there is no existing Price Master record, a new record is created.

If there are existing Price entry with new/future prices, this upload tool will overwrite those new/future prices with the value in the file being uploaded.

If you leave a price level (i.e column/row position) blank, the ‘current’ price will be picked up and used as the new ‘future’ price. Therefore leaving a price column blank in the upload file means no change to all the prices for that price level. Also note that ‘blank’ does not mean zero. If you set a price to zero this will override any existing pricing to zero.

Note: This upload loads prices into the ‘new price’ work area – it does not immediately update prices. The new prices can be viewed via the Print New Price List report, and adjusted if required.

The prices can be manually applied or EOD will apply the prices once the specified ‘Apply Date’ is reached.
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