The Picking Method determines what the system does with Back Orders. The Picking Method is entered on an Order, and is defaulted from the Issuing Location in the case of a Stock Transfer Order, or the Customer Details in the case of a Sales Order. The default Picking Method can be overridden/changed for the order if required.

There are 3 types of picking methods available:

  1. Normal Picking/Back Orders – in the event that the quantity ordered is not available for some or all products, the products with available quantities are printed on a picking docket for processing, and the quantities with insufficient stock are placed on back order
  2. Cancel Back Orders – if there are items with insufficient stock to complete the order, then those ordered items are cancelled and not placed on back order. A picking docket is created for items that are in stock
  3. Full Delivery only – no picking docket is produced until ALL the ordered items are available in stock

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