9.1 Release Summary

June 5, 2011 in Release 9.1

The 9.1 Release of Online Advantage sees another major step forward in the evolution of Online Advantage. This release is very much a culmination of the functions and features that have been evolving over the last few versions. It also sees the consolidation of many of the new features we have implemented in the browser version, across all the modules, so that functions in Online have a consistent look, feel and approach.

Below is a summary list of the highlights of the 9.1 Release:

With the introduction of these new features and functions to the system, there has again been a significant emphasis put on the continued improvement of the reporting tools for Online. This is part of our ongoing commitment to give our users continuous enhancements to the way they can access, report on and manipulate the data held in their business systems.

This release sees a continued push to the use of our Wizard based user interface (UI) to provide a consistent and familiar approach to data entry. Many of the remaining forms using the old interface have been reworked so that only a handful remain. A list of all the forms that have been moved into this Wizard UI for this release appears HERE.

Along with the work above there have been a number of significant enhancements to the application functionality in this release along with a continuation of the reworking of terminal emulation based functions into the new Browser-Based format. The complete list of new Forms and Reports that have been implemented in this version are available HERE.

It should also be noted that the old style terminal maintenance functions are now no longer available in the ‘green screen’ version in this release. This was necessary because the terminal emulation software utilises pessimistic locking whilst the browser based version utilises optimistic locking and these two methods are inherently incompatible.

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